Shield Blast

Shield Blast for Windows

A Shoot’em up Game with a Mission

Shield Blast is a shoot’em up game that entails a challenging escort mission.

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  • Challenging gameplay
  • Colorful and vibrant pixel art


  • Flowers and ladybugs make weird enemies
  • Game may look a bit too simple

Shield Blast is a shoot’em up game that entails a challenging escort mission.

The Premise

Earth is lacking sufficient natural resources to live and sustain and your objective is to transport Mother Ship, a cargo spaceship, to the planet and re-inject life into it. The journey from space to planet Earth isn’t the smoothest, which means you would be attacked by different kinds of alien enemies like mushrooms, flowers and some weird creatures en-route. The shooting task isn’t the most straightforward and would need some getting used to, in order to master it and complete the challenge. You can use the ‘shield blast’ for assistance during the adventure. The shield can be positioned on the adjacent side of the screen if you’re busy shooting from one side. The shield would serve as a safeguard.

Unique Features

You can upgrade your spaceship with the money you earned from killing enemies. At the culmination of every level, you would be confronting bosses that would cover the majority of your screen real estate. That said, some enemies such as flowers, mushrooms, ladybugs, etc. could be weird. Your mouse controls the entire gaming. Moving the ship, shooting (and also continuous shooting), using shield blast, etc. can be done using your gaming mouse. To keep you pumped up through the entire mission, you would have an original, upbeat soundtrack for company.

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Shield Blast


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